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Placement Report

Who is Eligible Student for placement?

Placement happens during the last couple of semesters in an Engineering College. Most of the colleges try to place students who satisfy the following merit criteria.

  1. Student should have passed Engineering with a minimum of First class marks in the very first attempt.
  2. Student should have passed Pre University with a minimum of First class marks.
  3. Student should have passed 10th Standard with a minimum of First class marks.

Students satisfying the above requirement are called Eligible Students. It is observed that even in the best of the colleges nearly 25% students are considered Not Eligible in spite of clearing requirement under sl.nos. 2 and 3. This is because of the following:

45% students get seat through CET and only 50% of them i.e. 22.5% of total, are truly from General Merit. Remaining 55% seats are filled by COMED-K and Management with lower merit students. With only 22.5% students belonging to merit category, the number of students passing with First Class and above cannot be expected to be more than 75% even in reputed colleges. In most other colleges the number of students passing with First Class and above can be expected to be less than 50%.

Issues that bother students and parents regarding placement:

Almost 50% of students joining Engineering course do not have First class marks either at 10th standard or at 12th standard. What about their placement?

Almost 25% of students joining Engineering course with First class marks in 10th standard and 12th standard, do not get a First Class in Engineering. What about their placement?

In most colleges such students are not considered for Campus Placement. They have to find a job on their own.

Why choose Cambidge Institute of Technology?

Cambidge Institute of Technology promises jobs for those who did not have First class marks either at 10th standard or at 12th standard, provided they pass Engineering with First Class. Let the student study well and secure a First Class degree. We will take the responsibility of getting him placement.

Cambidge Institute of Technology ensures that students having First class marks in 10th standard and 12th standard maintain the tempo and succeed in getting a minimum of First Class in Engineering also. Thus, they have the eligibility to be placed and Cambidge Institute of Technology comfortably places them.  

What makes Cambidge Institute of Technology confident of placing students?

The following factors help in placing the students.

  • Cambidge Institute of Technology has on its Governing Council very eminent academicians from IIT, IISc as well as Industrialists with lot of contacts. For example, Mr. Raghu G.S., our Governing Council member, is a patron of Nisvartha Foundation ( which has a large number of patrons and Associate members from the industry.
  • Principal and staff are highly experienced and a large number of their past students are presently in key positions and are more than happy to place students taught by their teachers.
  • Parents of students studying in Cambidge Institute of Technology will definitely help in placements if they are working in MNCs with their network of contacts.