ADARSHA Institute of Technology name is now officially changed as CAMBRIDGE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY - NORTH CAMPUS with the final approval from AICTE. Watch Adarsha College video by clicking on 'Media' or 'ADARSHA IT-B in Media'. .............. CAMBRIDGE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, K.R. Puram, Bangalore is accredited by NBA and NAAC, Permanently Affiliated to VTU, ISO Certified, Ranked 27th across India, with more than 95% students placed. More than 100 companies visit the campus, including core companies. ............
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Faculty are the real pillars, the pride of a department and the educational Institution on the whole. They act as a catalyst in churning out successful graduates year after year. As the primary repository of knowledge, they play a significant role in a students’ pursuit of excellence. The caliber of an institution’s faculty influences the quality of its Teaching and Research programs and its image in the outside world. Factors like the number of Ph.D.s on a college’s faculty, the number of Textbooks authored, the International profile of the faculty and their Research output contribute significantly towards the ranking of a Technical Institution. Complying with the AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) norms is the first step towards ascending the popularity charts.
Points for Key Parameters
Detailed break-up of points for the most important parameter, FACULTY
Faculty Parameter: There are a couple of things to consider while alloting points to the Faculty parameter.
  1. Quantity: AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) norms suggest a Staff: Student ratio of 1:20.For an institution with 1200 students, there has to be a total of 60 teachers considering all the departments. The minimum prescribed qualification for a teacher is a Post Graduate (PG) degree. However, there are a number of colleges with several undergraduates as teachers. Allot 20 of the 40 points for the Quantity factor. Colleges that strictly adhere to the AICTE guidelines with respect to the Number and Qualification of the Faculty should score 20 full points. Reduce points accordingly for colleges with deficiencies.
  2. Quality: 20 points should be allocated to the Quality of the Teaching faculty which is further divided into the following 3 parameters:
    • Cadre Ratio: As per AICTE norms, for every 9 teachers there should be 1 Professor, 2 Associate Professors and 6 Asst. Professors. This is the Cadre Ratio requirement. 10 points of the 20 may be alloted for this. It is important to note that to be a Professor or an Associate Professor, Ph.D. degree is a must. 10 full points can be given to colleges abiding the Cadre Ratio. For any deficiency, reduce points accordingly.
    • Average Experience: 5 points can be earmarked for this factor. An average experience of 5 or more years command full 5 points.
    • Research Center: 5 points can be set aside for the Research Center parameter. A research center in every department scores complete points. For deficiencies, reduce points accordingly. For a new college in it's first year of operation, research centers in Basic Sciences can start only after their first year operations while Research Centers in Specialized (Engineering) Departments can start after 4 years of its inception.
At Cambridge North Campus, all faculty are University Examiners and Question Paper setters with an Average experience of 13 years, one of the best in the University. Many have Industry/Corporate experience, are Doctorates with a number of Technical Publications, Rank Holders, Best Teacher Awardees, studied in IIT/IISc/USA and are Textbook Authors. We have strived hard in getting the best of the best.